The Perfect Chicken Wing

By Jeff Tribe, Tillsonburg News

Lisa Ward
Lisa Ward shows off a tray of six-to-eight per pound wings on offer at Poultry Specialties in Tillsonburg. Wing sales do experience a spike leading up to the Super Bowl says owner Aad VanLeeuwen.

Poultry Specialties owner Aad VanLeeuwen believes he may have found the secret to the perfect chicken wing.

“A 12-pack,” he laughed Wednesday afternoon. “And Terry (Cromwell) says a 60-inch TV.

“It all adds up.”

Wing orders do spike leading up to Super Bowl Sunday says VanLeeuwen, a tradition he is – admittedly not without a vested interest – in favour of.

“Everyone should do that,” he laughed. “That’s all I can say.”

Poultry Specialties offers two sizes of wings, six to eight to a pound, and eight to 10 to a pound.

“It’s a big wing and a medium wing,” said VanLeeuwen.

He prefers his barbecued, but concedes there are many definitions to ‘the perfect wing.’

“At the end of the day, I think it’s the sauce you slop on them and people tend to get very creative with their sauces.”

VanLeeuwen gets together for the Super Bowl with a group of friends annually – “and we are having wings,” – for what he says is a responsible celebration.

“Nothing too spectacular, it’s a work day on Monday.”

Part of his comparatively casual approach to Sunday’s big game is admittedly based on the fact as a die-hard Dolphins fan, Miami hasn’t been in the Super Bowl since 1985, a 38-16 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

“It’s been a long drought,” said VanLeeuwen.

“I can’t see Seattle winning,” he added in conclusion, “but I’m not cheering for anyone.”